Monday, 7 October 2013

My Daughter

A conversation between my 3 year old daughter and me!
"Mummy, why do you keep using your camera"
Me: "Because I like taking photos".
Daughter: "Why do you keep taking photos of me?"
Me: "Because you are beautiful and also because I am trying to learn how to use my new camera."
Daughter: "Oh" (pauses for thought) "Mummy should I stand still for you so you can learn to take some photos?"
Me: "Well yes that would be great!"
Daughter: "Mummy"
Me: "Yes:
Daughter: "I don't think I can stand still!"
I can not quite believe that this little girl, the baby of our family turns 4 tomorrow. It is with bitter sweet emotions that we will celebrate this day. She amazes me every day with her thoughts, her giggles and her love. I can not wait to see her grow though at the same time wish I could bottle her up with all the curiosities and energy she has. Her unconditional love that she has for her brothers makes my heart melt. She wants to do everything they do and more often than not manges to succeed. Her determination and the way she asserts herself is something that I admire greatly. She has made sure that even though she is the baby of the family that she is not overlooked! She is loud, playful and strong willed. She is caring and nurturing and often will stop what she is doing to come and tell me that she loves me. I will never tire of hearing her say "Mummy I really love you so much" and I will never run out of the reply "I love you so much too".
Her dream of what she wants to be when she grows up sums her up right now so well.
"Mummy when I grow up I want to be an Olympic runner. 
And Mummy when I grow up I also want to be an Olympic Swimmer,
and Mummy I also want to be an Olympic talker!"
 {One of these I think she has already managed!}

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