Thursday, 9 March 2017

So how much can you fit in a Standard Size Basket?

In my last post I discussed the size and dimensions of my 'Standard' small baskets, so in this post I thought I would follow up with a look at what you can fit inside and give you an idea of what can be stored in my standard small baskets. If you follow me on Facebook or on Instagram you may have already seen this!

In these photos I have used my 'Arrow' basket (shown above) and if like me you live in a house with children I am sure you have lego all around the place! My children use the baskets, that over the years I have made for them to store their 'special' lego pieces in. You know the ones that are not the standard bricks, for example they have one basket specially for lego figures including all the odd arms and heads that some how we have accumulated over the years! So with the help of my daughter, who unfortunately is very camera shy so doesn't appear in any the photos, we decided to see how many normal lego bricks we could fit in one basket. Oh yes, we counted every single piece of lego that we fitted into the basket twice  just to make sure we had counted correctly!!

We had only just begun filling in the above photo!

And here it is a short while later filled. 
Now we stopped before it was completely full to the brim as we thought there was already enough bricks in there to count! We then emptied it out onto an empty surface and were quite amazed at the amount we had fitted in!

And here it is! Every brick and piece of lego in the picture above came out of this basket.
 610 pieces in total!! 
And I must stress that they were of varying sizes but we did try and put as many of the normal size lego bricks in as we could find. And again for scale below is my hand reaching into the basket!

Hopefully this continues to give you more of an idea of the size and scale of my Standard Small baskets which can be found by clicking here and my Arrow basket can be found by clicking here, and the link to my blog post discussing the dimensions of these baskets can be found my clicking here!
Next up I will be introducing my new 'wider' baskets, I am very excited about these, so please do pop back very soon!

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